Susan E. Kaberry and Beth Cox

Susan E. Kaberry

Britannia Street Book Launch

Beth Cox, aka Susan KaberryPhew! What an evening the book launch turned out to be! My friend Debs Grace helped me to decide on a venue and to organise it. The main thing was to decide which passages I would read from the book and what she would question me about. Luckily, we were easily in agreement about that. A poster was designed, which Debs and I emailed to our contacts, and we  posted them in local shops, libraries, and notice boards.

We had a great response. On the night the place was full and everyone who attended seemed in a supportive mood and intent on enjoying themselves. I was bowled over by seeing friends from Rochdale, psychotherapy friends, local friends, and friends old and new. It was wonderful to feel so well-supported.

The atmosphere was positive and friendly even though we were a little late starting because the queue at the bar was long and slow moving. As an ex-lecturer I’m not usually anxious about speaking to groups so that’s a great bonus. But even so I do have a few moments of nervousness before I sit or stand in front of a group. This was extended by the wait. But once we got going, I relaxed and started to enjoy it. 

I think there was a certain post-covid buzz of freedom about it (although we’re not post-covid at all really) but my sharing of some personal events in the readings, both sad and funny, seemed to encourage others to share some of their own family history with me. My husband and another friend (both of whom feature in the book) were great booksellers and we sold over 30 signed copies.

I’m receiving great feedback about Britannia Street. People are saying I’m brave to be so open. I believe we need to be open. Shame has caused so many people to be quiet and secretive, and that can lead to problems. The events in the book resonate with so many people. It’s life. My words are moving people and that’s all I wish for.

Many, many thanks to all who helped with the book launch, Debs Grace, Linsey Parkinson, David Kaberry, Jo Kaberry, Maria Stripling, Angela Davies, the Albert Club and of course all the friends who turned out on a cold November evening.